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You live for the ones you love.
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Anonymous whispered: I honestly believed you when you said you were going to become a bleach blog that posted ichihime. I was about to unfollow you too because I really dislike ichihime. Thank god it was a joke because I love your blog and gruvia is the best!

XD oh my god i cant believe this i mean it was just a dare ^^and yes some people unfollowed me then followed back >.< it made me a bit sad since i hoped most of my followers like my blog because of me not just the gruvia well big part gruvia but at least a tiny bit me so it wasnt really pleasing seeing my followers whoni thinknof as friends just throw me to the curve

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Anonymous whispered: HI! why do you think gray pushed Juvia out of dragons way knowing that she can turn into water? and the "her" is it Juvia or ultear?

well first of all weve seen that can be hurt by magical attacks like the bullets in the fairy tail movie and meredys sensory blades,and the dragons attack seemed very powerful so all the attacks that were fired at gray would have fatally wounded juvia too or left her in a very unstable state on the verge of death.Now people blame Juvia for Grays death but lets not forget he was the one who was all”i have something to tell you” so it both their faults they got distracted.Weve seen that Gray cares for Juvia in a more than a sister or friendly way throughout the manga and i think it was natural for him to protect her like he always does.I think he didnt really think about the consequnces of his actions for him it was “damn my waifus in trouble gotta save her!”..alright maybe not exactly like that but he just saw her in dange and his instincts yelled protect her and thats what he did.Because if he didnt hed have lost another important person and in mh opinion losing exactly juvia would be a hit he wont be able to stand up from .In that moment to be honest i dont think he thought at all he just saved whats important for him and probably him seeing himself doing that after he told ultear hed live on scared him and probably made him reject her in chapter 338.Now about your second question anon-san Gray smiled for Ultear i wont lie saying the smile was for Juvia but the important thing here is who made him smile.We saw Gray being upset in the beginning of the chapter but the one to notice was Juvia and i think Mashima did that with reason since he could have easily made erza notice Grays mood.The fact Juvia did was kinda of a “This ships not done people its sailing faster than ever “from Mashima.Gray brushed her off at first but then Juvia talked to him about it saying its not nice of him to be like that when everyones celebrating ,she actually kinda scolded him which is in contrast with all the juvia haters who say juvia is just a fangirl and exactly her words made him smile he didnt even let her finish but she cheered him up since later on we see them smiling together ..ah sorry this turned out so long anon-san

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I saw these cuties on twitter and since im a gemini decided to post i also saw taurus so if anyone wants to see him too just say *^* theyre so cute

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Anonymous whispered: Does it make you sad that rboz doesn't like gruvia anymore. I mean I respect her decision and everything and I don't know the whole situation so i have no right to judge but it still makes me sad. So i feel bad for feeling this way?

i understand anon-san i adore her works as much as yuubas and blananias so id feel sad if she stops drawing gruvia but all i know about this is she didnt feel motivated ,and she still has some gruvia requests,but even tnen its her decision and we should respect it

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Anonymous whispered: You would be a water bender, hands down. Maybe fire because you're passionate. Not earth because you're not tough or down to earth(not with all the fangirling). And not an air bender because you don't seem like someone who found their inner peace

yay water benders are the best though i do admit i love zuko !xD i guess i fangirl a bit and i certainly dont have inner peace

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bonus round: explain why it would fit them best!